Welcome to Goldeneye!

Goldeneye, Inc. is a light technology product company creating innovations in materials, optics and solid-state lighting for the industrial and consumer markets.

Among the developments Goldeneye has pioneered are:

PlyGaN™- A unique pure nitride material that has multiple applications in LED, solar, high power, and other device fabrication.

EpiChip™- Goldeneye has developed a wafer-less LED production method that, by forming the LED structures directly on PlyGaN, eliminates the defects in the LEDs caused by processing on a “foreign” substrate.  The resulting EpiChip™ LED achieves higher yields and requires no binning, translating into lower costs. 

Ceramic Color Conversion Material- Goldeneye has developed and patented a solid ceramic "phosphor" that is superior for many applications to the standard powdered phosphors in current use throughout the industry.

Coming soon, watch this site for information on Goldeneye's revolutionary new omni-directional and self-cooling white light engine for General Lighting applications. No bulky heat sinks required!



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